Organisationsheft 2022

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Organisationsheft 2022

ruby morgan voigt
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Go into the new year with a beautiful planner designed in the International Typographic Style.

Organisationsheft, which is German for organisation book, is a beautiful iPad planner template that works in GoodNotes, CollaNote, Notability and many more.

This planner respects your agency and is designed to be as open as possible. No hundreds of boxes with exactly one use - if you don't like something, just write over it. Lines are thin and the grid is subtle.

And before you say "oh there's no affirmations, there's no pastel colours, there's no water reminder, there's no medication tracker, it's not versatile" - consider, you're not versatile. Just make your own sections!

This planner includes:

  • Daily pages

  • Weekly planning pages

  • Monthly planning pages

  • Timetables, Finance trackers and mood trackers

  • A beautiful Swiss design

  • Carefully considered grids for you to plan out every day square by square

  • 32 empty grid pages for you to take your own notes

  • More than 200 digital stickers

This product is not currently for sale.

You'll get a PDF file you can use in your favourite Notes app.

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482 pages